International recording artist and Pastor Bruce Baker release an inspirational single ‘I am Your Healer’.

Bruce Baker has spent most of his musical life working with renowned American artiste and known for his skillful songwriting and production. Bruce shares the inspiration behind the new song ‘I am Your Healer’.

According to Bruce as he got older he struggled with eating disorders, family issues and drug addictions that seemed like it would take his life.

“I was addicted to drugs for 10 years,” says the singer/songwriter, “But God delivered me from Heroin and Cocaine and here I am today“.
“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Both of them have been completely healed by the healing power of God. This is what gave me the inspiration for the song ‘I am Your Healer’ says Bruce as he became overwhelmed with emotion.

Bruce Baker shows reverence and honors the gift that God has given him to touch the hearts of man through the art of music. The singer, songwriter and producer recognized the power of music at a young age.

DOWNLOAD – I’m Your Healer

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