Prolific gospel music minister and songwriter, Femi Lowo, releases a brand new single titled in Yoruba “Baba Ese”.

The song is an offering of thanksgiving to God and prophetic praise.

produced by Sunny & Smith Malor.

He has an album titled “No Rock” released in 2010, as well as “Adaba Orun” and “Song of Freedom” both released in 2015 and 2016 respectively, to his credit.




Lyrics: Baba Ese By Femi Lowo

He has done for me
What no man can do
That’s why I praise His name
For He has done me well

Ma pariwo! (I will shout)
Baba E se o (Thank You Father)
Ma pariwo! (I will shout)
Baba E se o (Thank You Father)

Ma wi f’aye o! (I will tell the world)
Baba E se o (Thank You Father)
Alagbawi mi (My Advocate)
E seun (Thank You)

I will tell it on the mountain
Shout it in the valley
That You are good
So good

So good

(Percussion chant)

O se, O se, Olorun Oba (Thank You God the King)
Iwo nikan l’ope to si (You alone deserve thanksgiving)
O se, O se, Oba t’on s’ohun gbogbo ninu ohun gbogbo (Thank You the King who does all things)
Iwo nikan, Iwo nikan (You alone)

Iwo ma l’ope ye (You alone are worthy of thanksgiving)

Baba E se
Baba E se o
(Thank You Father)
Lori aye mi Baba E se (In my life thank You Father)

Ninu Ile mi Baba E se (In my household thank You Father)
Lori Ebi mi Baba E se (In my family thank You Father)
Lori ileede wa Baba E se (In our nation thank you Father)
Ese adupe at’ojomojo (Thank You for all the time)

Ese adupe at’odunmodun (Thank you for all the years)

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