Chimezie Ikechukwu Ogbonna popularly known as “Mexy” releases debut single “Breaking Every Limit“.
With over a decade of professional singing experience & still growing, Mexy has officially shared this single to take his music to another level.

This is a declaration by the believer in Christ, that nothing can hold us down.


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Intro/talk…There comes a point in time in your life when situations/challenges would suggest to you that you can’t cross beyond this line or you can’t cross beyond this level. But we came here to let you know that there’s a place beyond the fence or barrier called the other side. Because the Bible records that greater works shall you do much more than this. That’s why we are persuaded that you are breaking limits on every side.
This is my testimony everybody…..


I was left, in a place of fear

Barrier, stagnation, all staring at me.

But God’s mighty hand came to rescue me

Now i’ve crossed the lines, the past is over, ain’t no stopping me….


Am breaking every limit 2x
No chains are holding me…
Was bound but now am freeeee……

Choir repeat all. (In melody.)

Back repeat verse in parts.

Solo 2:

Greater works shall you do than this

In all you do, you will p-r-o-s-p-e-r

Everything holding you down are no more.

As you rise above every odd

All…Where doors would open on their own accord.



VAMP (Call/response)

Am on the move (Am on the move) 2x
My level is changing ( my level is changing )2x


Call…Breaking every Response (Breaking every limit) 8X
Breaking every limiiiiiiiiiiiiit 1X

Call….Am Breaking
Response…Every limit….16X

Call/response👆🏻15X, but no instrumentation

Breaking every limiiiiiiiiiiiiit 3X

Lead Vocal: But God mighty hand came to rescue me (2X)
Back up repeat.. 5X

Lead vocal: Now i’ve crossed the line, my past is over ( 2X)
Back up repeat 4X melody)
Back up repeat in parts 9X)


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Facebook: Mexy
Instagram: @Mexyoverflow
Twitter: @Mexyoverflow


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