The Daughters of Glorious Jesus is ‘ one of the oldest ‘ or ‘ the only ‘ Music Group who has been singing together from 1987 till date: which means more than 30 years being together and they are from Ghana; who by the Grace of God have not been separated by death or breaking their human relationship. The three came from a choir and started to minister at various church crusades and conventions. The award-winning group released their first album in 1990 and with over 10 hit songs constantly aired on radio and T.V today.

Levin Lartey of Online Christian Gospel ( OCG News ) Speaking with Monica Owusu Ansah, Edna Sarpong, and Cynthia Appiadu asked about the secret to what has kept them for ages and still counting because there has been a lot of great music groups like West Life, VIP, Wutah and many others who couldn’t keep the zeal they started with.

Levin, started by asking background questions, how they came together and how they got their name ‘Daughters Of Glorious Jesus’.
Mama Monica answered by saying: they divinely met at the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries through a church choir at a very young age, filled with the heart of working in the house of God and after singing together as a choir. The Archbishop Akwasi Asare Bediako, saw their potential and encouraged the three to form a group. Mama Cynthia answered the second question which had to do with their name. She said the name was given to them by the Archbishop Bediako who is still their Spiritual Father to date.


The final question to them was the secret to what has kept them together from a young age, through marriage and family life to date.

Mama Monica disclosed that, as young as they were, when they started, it was the Lord who brought them together and it is still through the Christ-like lifestyle by forgiving each other because they have argued countless of times, disappointed each other but the life of Christ is forgiveness, of which they quickly go deep down the hearts to let go of whatever darkness that was created in them due to mistakes or in-deliberate actions. Mama Edna continued by saying, we also came to understand the strengths of each other and we accepted who is best at what and this kept us going. Also, age difference never mattered to us and we all rely on each other before, during and after a project. Cynthia is the youngest but she is our lead singer, she also wrote and composed most of the songs of the group, despite this, Cynthia gives us the respect beyond our expectations; she is very humble. We will say to the Glory of God, we have also survived many fatal accidents here and there.


I further went on to ask if they had an agreement with regard to monies. In their response they said, money is one temptation that breaks individuals how much more three different individuals walking together? But the secret is, we focus on helping others with what we make collectively and have seen our foundation donating to hospitals, villages, among others. We individually make our money but we have lots of plans to keep helping than fighting over old 2000ghc currency which was huge by then but today it can only buy water. So the focus is the ministry and the focus is the ‘twin spirit’ that is keeping us by the Grace of God.

Source: Ocggospel

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